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About The Company

Museums around the world organise tens of thousands of exhibitions a year. Vastari's interface and networking tools make it easier for these museums to communicate with the private sector directly, to tour exhibitions globally and share information for exhibitions worldwide.

About The Products

Vastari Collections

A platform to help works in private collections appreciate in value by exhibiting at museums.
- Manage Collections: if you are a private collector you can manage your art catalogue in our system, and be anonymously contacted by museum curators for exhibition opportunities.
- Find Collections: if you are a museum curator putting together an exhibition, find and contact anonymous collectors with relevant works who are predisposed to lend.


Vastari Travelling Exhibition Network
(Vastari Exhibitions)

The world’s largest temporary exhibition database, with up-to-date information about available exhibitions around the world. Since the product beta launch in October 2014, there are over 250 exhibitions already available, marketed to over 6,000 curators and exhibition managers from museums around the world. An exhibition has been placed every two months since the launch of the platform.


Vastari Institutions

Recently launched, this database of over 5,000 institutions tracks the museums, galleries and exhibition organisers that Vastari has worked with around the world. By making this publicly accessible, Vastari helps institutions discover each other's business models, interests and past partners. Search for an institution, claim an institution you work for or register any important information partners need to know.


Vastari Professionals

Coming soon. Sign up for the beta version of Vastari Professionals below.

A network of experts, searchable by interest, accessible to exhibition organisers and collectors.

Open for Independent Curators, Academics, and/or Freelancers


“Vastari becomes very interesting when it comes to making new unexpected connections: having an archive that ranges across disciplines from Roman coins to medieval weapons and Chinese vases, on the one hand feels like Ali Baba’s den, on the other hand, stimulates creativity enabling curators to think of thematic exhibitions that cut across disciplines with new unexpected connections.”
- Alessandra Galasso, Museo 900, Milan

Vastari connects art collectors and museum curators for exhibitions


About The Team

Bernadine Bröcker - CEO of Vastari Bernadine Bröcker - CEO
Bernadine comes from a background in the commercial art world, part of the core team setting up an Impressionist and Modern gallery in London in 2010. She is also a scholar of art history, a graphic designer and originally trained as an illustrator. Bernadine is a member of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market and the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars, and is on the advisory board for We are Museums and Cromwell Place.
Francesca Polo - Executive Director of Vastari Francesca Polo - Executive Director
Francesca has an art history background with a Masters Degree from the Courtauld Institute, specialising in Early Modern Prints. She has experience in the commercial and museum sectors both in Italy and the United Kingdom, including at Christies and the British Museum.
Jordi Cabeza - Technology Development Executive Jordi Cabeza - Technology Development Executive
Jordi has a Master's Degree in Computer Science, with more than 8 years' experience in software development using agile methodologies. He is always passionate to investigate and integrate new technologies with best practices.
Phil Anderson - Head of Marketing Phil Anderson - Head of Marketing
Phil has over 6 years experience in marketing and audience growth, with a proven track record of building and connecting with large, highly engaged audiences across arts & technology.
Liviu Tanasoaica - Travelling Exhibitions Specialist Liviu Tanasoaica - Travelling Exhibitions Specialist
Liviu holds a MA with Honours in the History of Art from the University of Edinburgh and an MA degree from the University of York, specialising in the Early Modern period. Before joining Vastari, he worked with commercial and public cultural organisations in Romania and in the United Kingdom, as well as in independent literary publishing.
Cristina Gianetto - Community Manager, Vastari Exhibitions Cristina Gianetto - Community Manager, Vastari Exhibitions
Cristina holds a degree in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture and Communication from Bocconi University, Milan. Before joining Vastari she worked at Sotheby's Milan in the Decorative Arts and Old Master Paintings departments.
Mishal Shashikant - Front-end Developer Mishal Shashikant - Front-end Developer
Mishal is a web developer graduate after a career change from telecoms to coding. He is passionate about new technologies and always looking to improve and learn new skills.
Valeri Isaev - Software Engineer Valeri Isaev - Software Engineer
Valeri has a degree in Computer Science and has been a software developer for more than 10 years. He has experience building applications for differents kind of industries, from consumer goods to electricity. He enjoys learning new technologies but is mostly experienced in Microsoft. He is a lovely father to a six-year-old son.
Lukas Hejtmanek - UX/UI Designer Lukas Hejtmanek - UX/UI Designer
Lukas has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and has worked in UX Design for over 5 years. He has worked with a wide variety of clients, including many international brands.
Oliver Hajjar - Business and Data Analyst, Vastari Institutions Oliver Hajjar - Business and Data Analyst, Vastari Institutions
Oliver holds an MA with honours in Economics and Finance from the University of Edinburgh. Past experiences include working with hedge funds, a business catalysing NGO and a premier professional service company. Appreciates the union between business and art.
Andrea Bozal Parejo - QA Test Engineer Andrea Bozal Parejo - QA Test Engineer
Andrea has 5 years of experience in quality assurance and master data maintaining, having previously worked in a leading European organisation. She holds a degree in Business from Universidad Pública de Navarra.
Balint Ferenczy - Collections Consultant, Vastari Collections Balint Ferenczy - Collections Consultant, Vastari Collections
Balint has an MA degree in Photography from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, as well as a degree in Art History and Arts & Cultural Management studied in both Hungary and the USA. The primary and secondary market experience he gained working at Sotheby’s, several galleries and while on the curatorial board of the Jozsef Pecsi Photography Grant, fills him with confidence to advise collectors about what their collections strategically need.
Edie Meyer - Business Development Consultant Edie Meyer - Business Development Consultant
Edie is based in NYC and has worked in Business Development for a number of art media companies including Art Asia Pacific Magazine, Louise Blouin Media and Art World magazine. Edie has a BA from Lehigh University, an MBA from Fordham University and is a member of Art Table.

We are Global

Vastari's headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom. But the company was founded to be global first: connecting collectors and museums in North America, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and the rest of Europe. We have representatives in:

Barcelona, Spain

Beijing, China

Budapest, Hungary

Melbourne, Australia

New York, United States

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Shanghai, China

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Taipei, Taiwan


Alexandre Massart

Alexandre Massart

Advisor, Investments;
Vastari Investor Director
Director, Blend Ventures, Past: Innovation, Visa Europe

Dominik Casanova

Dominik Casanova

Advisor, New Markets;
Vastari Investor
Director, Daros Latin America

Harco Van den Oever

Harco Van den Oever

Advisor, Art Lending
Director, Overstone Associates,
Past: MD Christie’s Europe

Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp

Advisor, Security & Blockchain Technology;
Vastari Investor
Founder and CEO of Everledger

Paul Halliwell

Paul Halliwell

Advisor, Technology and Management
COO, TwentyCi,
Past: Founding MD of TalkTalk UK

Peter Nahum

Peter Nahum

Advisor, Art Market;
Vastari Investor
Past: Director, Leicester Galleries and Online Galleries

Sacha Engels

Sacha Engels

Advisor, Business Development;
Vastari Investor
Entrepreneur mentor and angel investor

Silla Scheepens

Silla Scheepens

Advisor, Marketing;
Vastari Investor
Founder Businessmakers NL

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Advisor, Scalability; Vastari Investor
Partner, Lean Investments,
Past: Founder/CEO of QXL

We are Independent & Ethical

Vastari is a non-partisan and independent resource.

While collectors and curators can connect via Vastari, we respect all members’ privacy, do not hold any confidential information about our members and will not publicise any information to others on the network unless specified by you.

We monitor the objects and exhibitions uploaded to our site, and will remove anything that is inappropriate. We also verify the identity of museums and curators. However, we do not authenticate or vet the objects uploaded for historical accuracy. If you believe an object is incorrectly attributed, please send us an email with the reference number of the object to info@vastari.com and we will contact the member who uploaded it.

Vastari is a member of the International Council of Museums, an Industry Ally of the American Alliance of Museums and a partner of We Are Museums.

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We believe that to share art, knowledge and culture is to keep it alive.

We are called Vastari in reference to Giorgio Vasari (1511 - 1574), considered by many as the first art historian. Vasari wrote about masters of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture in Italy. This book, full of anecdotes about Donatello, Leonardo, Giotto, Raphael and other Renaissance artists helped centuries of fans around the world fall in love with their work.

Because we believe in the importance of any connection, we have created a more vast database of object types - hence, Vastari. Or if you want to keep it simple, we're Vasari with a 't' for technology.'