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Register as a professional at a non-profit institution if you would like access to the privately owned works on Vastari Collections and search for available Touring Exhibitions - it’s free!

Finding Privately Owned Works for Exhibition Loans using Vastari Collections

Missing that last loan to complete your upcoming exhibition? Have a need for a last-minute replacement? Thinking about an exhibition idea and looking for partners? Register as an institutional member on Vastari if looking for privately owned works to include in upcoming exhibitions.

Vastari Institutional Members can access over 700,000 works in private hands via an effective search engine.

If no results match the requirements, members can also upload an "Objects Required" listing, visible to our thousands of registered collectors and partners.

Last year alone, Vastari facilitated dozens of exhibition loans - find out more here.

Membership is free for professionals working at non-profit museums from around the world.

Vastari for Institutions is simple and easy to use, here's how it works:

  • Vastari lets you search for art objects for museum exhibitions


  • Vastari lets you connect with art collectors for exhibitions loans


  • Vastari lets you loan art for museum exhibitions


  • Vastari lets you loan art for museum exhibitions



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Market Touring Exhibitions to Institutions around the world

The Vastari Exhibitions platform offers access to detailed listings about hundreds of available exhibitions, and those who upgrade are able to market their own exhibitions to find potential partners. Our matchmaking team and schedule of international events is a proven method to find the right institutions to partner with.


An Exhaustive Listing of Institutions Worldwide

Vastari Institutions is both a publicly accessible listing of all institutions currently being tracked by the company, and a resource for logged-in users to discover key contacts, attendance figures and interests.

Registered users of the Vastari platform can claim their Institutions and act as an admin for the information shared to other members.


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